Most schools are now encouraging their students to speak foreign languages while in class. This action can be attributed to the fact that students are able to clarify their intentions, thoughts or even opinions in the perfect manner when using a foreign language.Despite being made legal, there are some students who will still find it hard when it comes to participation in a language learning class. Here are some of the possible reasons as to why this may be taking place.

  • The Question System of a Teacher

At times, a teacher’s approach may be the reason as to why students can never participate effectively in a language learning classroom.Actually, the type of questions that you decide to ask really matter a lot, if you are going to get answers from the students. To be on the safe side, you should consider using a simplified language if they are to understand what you are asking. When the students understand the question, they will find it easy in participating thus offering the feedback that you need.

  • Failure To Speak The Language Fluently

Not every student can be able to speak a foreign language fluently especially if they are trying to learn it while in class. Therefore, it makes sense that some may not be willing to take part in class sessions simply because they cannot speak fluently. For instance, if a student is not conversant with the English language, it will prove quite hard for them to take part in discussions. This can be attributed to the fact that they cannot even hold a short conversation thus straining when it comes to expressing their feelings. For this reason, many opt to shun away from participating in language lessons.

  • Personality

There are some students who are naturally born shy and cannot even take part in a group conversation. Whether they are conversant with the foreign language or not, they will still find it hard in expressing themselves no matter how hard a teacher may try. To help these type of students, you should consider talking with them or simply try connecting them to classmates who they feel free with. It is only then that they will find the courage required to take part in group discussions or even respond to questions asked. Remember, this is something that may take some time and hence you should shun away from forcing them to take part in the discussions especially when not comfortable.

Student participation is of great importance regardless of whether you are in a foreign language class or any other lesson. Fortunately, there are so many ways in which teachers can get students to participate in class. A good example is making the lessons fun or even building relationships while teaching. With the right method, a teacher can be able to create a good atmosphere in class thus dealing with any negative challenge that may make it hard for students to take part in discussions.