Passenger Name Record commonly abbreviated as PNR is a 10 digit number generated whenever a passenger books a ticket across India. This ticket is generated regardless of the situation of your booking status. Whether your ticket is confirmed, on the Waiting List (WL) or Reservation against Cancellation (RAC) list, the PNR Number will still be generated. To locate the number, you have to check the top left hand side of your train ticket. Thanks to PNR number, the whole process has now become smooth and efficient to not only the railway department but also the passengers.

Information Stored in PNR Number

A PNR Number has a lot of information regarding the passengers. First and foremost, you are set to come across the personal details of passengers. They include date of birth, age, phone number, sex and email address. If this is not enough, the passengers can also have a look at the coach name and number, ticket number, source and destination station, status of the ticket to mention a few. All these details are included to ensure passengers get remarkable services.

How to Check PNR Status

Checking your PNR status is now a walk in the park since you can do it online at any particular time of the day. For those who might not know, PNR Status is the current status of your IRCTC train ticket booking.It actually informs passengers about the status of their train ticket. In addition, the train PNR status provides the coach and seat number, mode of payment and the fare paid by a passenger.

To check your PNR status hassle-free, you can simply visit website. All you have to do is enter your PNR Number on the text box after which you should click on “Check PNR Status” button. This action will generate a new window from where you can see the current PNR Status Live.

Apart from the internet, you can also check PNR status offline by making use of the phone service put in place by IRCTC. When using this option, you have to type: PNR (your PNR number) and send it to 139. If this is proving stressful, then you can simply enquire from the Indian railway’s enquiry counter attendee. Unfortunately, this method is going to take most of your precious time considering you have to move from your current location to their offices.

The Bottom Line

Ever since the introduction of PNR number, it has proven beneficial to both the passengers and the railway department. You should however check the status of your PNR before opting to do anything else. Whether you want to do it online, using mobile applications or phone service, you are still set to get the same results. However, the time it will take for you to check the status tends to vary from one method to another. To save on time and costs, it would be better to check the status online.


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