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When positioning a website, the place where the business is located can be a determining factor. And it is not the same to work on the positioning of a unique restaurant in a city, than to position the website of a chain of restaurants that operate nationally or even internationally. That is why it is important to know how to differentiate the concepts between Local SEO, National SEO and International SEO. In this way, the person who is performing the positioning will be able to decide which techniques are the most convenient for a specific business.

The search engine optimization, SEO, or more simply, website optimization is a set of techniques applied to the structure and contents of a web page with the aim that it comes out in the top positions of the search engines when a user searches for a keyword. Today, the location of the company has taken relevant positions for its positioning. And it is that many of them, such as restaurants, hairdressers or dental clinics. They operate in a reduced radius: it is very difficult for someone to travel more than 20 kilometers to go to the dentist as long as they have one closer to their home or work. These are interested in doing Local SEO. The best local SEO experts are at marketing1on1

The SEO Local is the most interesting for businesses with physical presence. It is a way to stand out among the search results and improve positioning against a competition that is next door. For users, Local SEO is really interesting. You can think of someone looking for “menu of the day”. It goes without saying that what you want is to find a place near where you are to eat. And this type of search must be taken into account, since Google estimates that almost half of all searches are local.

Remember, that the search engine has in mind the sites that are constantly being updated. If the search engine robot returns to a site and always finds the same content, it will have no reason to return. And this will mean that your website will be relegated to lower and lower positions. On the other hand, with the creation of a blog you will contribute fresh content to your website regularly. In addition, each time you interact with users through comments, you will be adding more content that will help increase your organic ranking.


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