Are you tasked with the responsibility of producing or updating your company’s marketing strategy? Well, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with information and advice you receive. The good news is that there are two marketing concepts to help you solve all your woes i.e., inbound and outbound marketing.

Even though they happen to be the most overarching marketing strategies, they have distinct applications. Despite this, not many people are able to tell the difference between inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. To help clear some of the doubts in mind, keep reading to learn more about creating inbound and outbound marketing.


Inbound marketing mainly focuses on attracting customers to your products and services. Considering the vast majority of your target audience are searching for what they need online, you need to prioritize sharing valuable content that should explain how your products or services will resolve their issues. To pull this off successfully, you can opt to use video content, blogs, guidebooks and many more.

Things tend to be different when it comes to outbound marketing since it sends a message to a massive amount of people in the hope of making a sale. In most cases, it is associated with traditional marketing such as events, direct mail, radio, and newspapers.


The good thing about inbound marketing is that it tends to be non-invasive. What this simply means is that prospects can read your blog posts or attend a webinar on their own time. Furthermore, it happens to be educational and quantifiable. Either way, you need to keep track of everything on a calendar to avoid losing sight.

As for outbound marketing, it promotes brand awareness helping you reach people who haven’t heard of your products or services before. Better, it has the potential to yield immediate results since those interested in your products and services are more likely to take action on your ads and make a purchase.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the things you need to know before taking advantage of inbound marketing or outbound marketing. Regardless of the marketing strategy you decide to leverage, ensure you personalise the whole experience from the word go. Luckily enough, you can enlist help from a reputable digital marketing agency and let them handle everything on your behalf. Remember, the right agency will help you build a strong social media following.



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