Management consulting is one of the most fascinating fields as it offers plenty of consultants who are looking forward to developing effective business strategies. Before starting your career as a management consultant, you need to overcome a number of hurdles. One such hurdle involves approaching the interview process in the best possible manner. You should however keep in mind the consulting interview process consists of two types of interview i.e. fit interviews and case interviews. Going back to our topic of discussion, here are two management consulting interview questions you should be ready to answer.

Why are you interested in Consulting?

This question is aimed at making sure you have a clear understanding of the industry and your interest in becoming a management consultant. For you to answer this question effectively you ought to focus on one or two aspects of consulting that mostly appeal to you. You should also explain why you find those aspects appealing. Things should not stop there since you need to talk about your interest in the industry, skill set, and why you think you’re the perfect fit for the vacant position.

Market-Sizing Questions

Market-sizing questions known to many as guesstimate questions test your ability of coming up with reasonable estimations and assumptions when having limited information. To answer market-sizing questions, it is important to ask the right follow-up questions if you are to obtain additional information.  As soon as you get all the facts pertaining to the case, you need to come up with an answer that shows you’ve examined the different factors at your disposal when determining the market size.  Remember, the answer needs to be delivered in a structured way, as you explain your thought process while proceeding.

Final Thoughts

Even though consulting interviews involve different types of questions, the secret to achieving success lies in practicing. You can work with friends and colleagues to run through case interview questions and come fully prepared with relevant answers. All in all, you need to relax and try to enjoy the interview process as much as you can. If you are successful and land the job, you’ll learn about the different types of companies while at the same time making it easy for companies to reach their goals. Hopefully, the above interview questions will serve as a good starting point before attending the interview.


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