Deciding which job you may like to begin your career can feel like an uphill task. But that’s not to say you should not take the career path you covet. Now more than ever, you could consider taking advantage of what the financial services sectors offer individuals. The secret likes in finding out about the different sectors in financial services before deciding on anything.

Like most careers, the more experience you gain in a specialist area, the more responsibility you can expect. This can lead to promotion, a higher salary and the chance to develop your expertise. Today, we will look at some of the major financial services sectors and some of the skills you’ll need to succeed in them.


Accountants keep and maintain complex records of the company’s financial transactions, as well as reporting on things like business performance and plans for the future. They are tasked with the main responsibility of balancing the books, making that income exceeds outgoings and that a company remains profitable.

To be an accountant, you can sometimes start off as a trainee straight from school but most commonly accountants specialize after studying for a relevant degree. To practice as an accountant, you also require professional qualifications which are usually studied for while working.

Retail Banking

Retail or high-street banks offers the everyday services that most people need to help them manage their money effectively. Actually, your own personal bank account will be held with a retail bank for instance. The good thing about retail or high-street banks is that they offer a wide range of services.

Among the most notable ones include looking after current accounts, processing payments such as debit cards and cheques, and offering short-term unsecured loans such as credit cards. They also provide money management and savings accounts to customers.

The vast majority of retail bank professionals join a local high-street bank either straight from school, or after completing a degree. In most cases, the start in a general customer services role, helping the bank’s customers with their requirements. It is they that they can choose to specialize in different areas as they progress.