In the coming weeks, gaming users will be able to experience the joy of playing Tetris 99 on the Mobile platform. Just to let you know, Tetris Royale is basically the same 100-player competitive block-dropping bonanza but coming to mobile iOS and Android devices.

Tetris Royale is the first partnership product of the Tetris Company and N3TWORK. Both companies will be working together to develop new Tetris games for mobile devices.

N3tWORK describes Tetris Royale as “a fast and fun Tetris game with large-scale friendly competition at its core,” featuring the classic puzzler mechanics that have maintained the title’s popularity over the years.

The twist is that Tetris Royale will incorporate the battle royale genre. It will feature a 100-player competitive mode where gamers will be matched up against one another, with the goal of being the last man standing.

N3TWORK said that the game will feature leaderboards, which players will look to climb with each season. There will also be daily challenges to accomplish, which will allow players to earn rewards such as customization options, power-ups, and boosters.

The studio has not yet released any screenshots of the game in action though, and we’ll have to wait and see whether N3TWORK has more surprises up its sleeve.

If Tetris Royale sounds familiar, it is because the game is similar to Tetris 99, which also adds a battle royale twist to the classic game. Tetris 99, however, is exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Tetris Royale, meanwhile, is currently being developed for iOS and Android, with a plan of rolling out beta testing in certain territories within the year.

Tetris Royale will be a new addition to the battle royale craze, which is headlined by Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends. The current popularity of the genre has also given rise to amusing projects such as the 75-player Mario Royale, which has since been taken down.

Digital Trends’ gaming editor Felicia Miranda talked with Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris, just in time for the game’s 35th birthday. The interview revealed several interesting tidbits, such as Pajitnov’s favorite version of the game, his favorite Tetromino, and why he thinks Tetris remains popular to this day.