The incoming to a website, links constitute 60-70% of SEO that a page will or not depending largely on the key phrase used. In some cases, this figure increases to 80-90%, mainly in those phrases that show very recent results as per Google Freshness Update, as it would be an important event, some outstanding news. It is known by Link Building then, to this job of creating or requesting links to our website, from other websites or blogs. A link building, is known in the technical jargon of Internet positioning, is ultimately an online advertising method. Website Marketing is able to provide a link building experience appropriate to your needs in cyberspace.

Imagine that you have a business premises, or are selling products or providing a service independently. You are well aware that the so-called “word of mouth” or the indirect references that other people make of you either because of the quality and constant demand of the products or services you provide; for his considerate treatment; for their commitment to deliver the best that suits their customers, they are aids of enormous value that position it  but at the same time they  commit it  to an equal or better performance.

This action moved to the online world is precisely the demand for the Link Building. There are two types of link building: the natural one, and the artificial one. The natural Link Building consists of direct reference to other Internet users about any content published on their part without any intermediation generated from an action of theirs or from someone else, the artificial one is based on the performance of certain actions aimed at improving their online presence.

Quality links work to improve the online reputation of your website, increase visibility in the search engines and, as a result, its organic traffic. Not all links and link building services are the same and the types of links secured can be the difference between the highest positions and be completely penalized in the Google ranking. Gone are the days when thousands of backlinks could increase the results of organic positioning. Currently Google look for the quality over quantity and even take action against websites that participate in doubtful link building practices, with penalties and falls that are difficult to recover.

In such case, the link building services marketing1on1 comes with their more unique and very trustworthy services that will leave a great impact in increasing their web positioning. The company is the trusted name in the link building and SEO industry and they are capable in meeting your all business requirements. You will experience that the work offered by these professional link building marketing1on1 are second to none and you will always get the most out of your investment. Their link building techniques are regular and up to date so that their will not be any probability of the Google penalty. The backlinks created will be manual and help your web based business growth.


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