United Kingdom’s Prince Harry is publicly speaking gaming, creating a bad influence on the masses.

Earlier this year Duke of Sussex, Prince In March, the Prince said the game Fortnite should not be allowed to be played as it is a form of addiction. It is forcing or manipulating the masses to sit in front of computers all day. It is irresponsible for the creators as they are ruining the future generations and making a weak society. He has spoken very severely about the video game companies.

The owner of Fortnite, Epic Games, has over 250 million fanbases. They were shocked and surprised at hearing the comment of the Prince. They feel the statement was not accurate. They have parental control in the game that makes it safer for teenagers and makes sure the young users from spending lots of money on the game.

Electronic Arts, the creator of Fifa and Battlefield have already placed their evidence at UK Digital culture media and sports (DCM) committee members about how their games are not harmful to the teenagers. Their supposedly main aim is not to maximize profit but create an open fun relation with their users.

Epic Games creators are planning safety plans to stop harm white paper.

Cubbon Pence and Matthew Weissinger the head of marketing. Represented the gaming community in a court of the UK.

The UK manager Shaun Campbell and legal expert Kerry Hopkins spoke on behalf of UK to the heads of Google, Youtube, and Instagram regarding the effects of social media on youngsters.

Epic Games have completely disagreed over WHO’s the new decision of adding gaming to under the section of addictions, terming gaming as a disorder.


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