NETS flashpay card

Both debit and credit cards come with a built-in feature called the nets flashpay card. This is similar to the plastic money feature found in some countries. The only difference is that debit cards do not function with any of the ATM machines around the world. These are issued only with electronic point of sale machines. There are no credit checks done in case of debit and credit cards.

Importance of customised NETS flashpay card

These are also commonly known as “contactless” cards. As the name suggests, they work on contactless technology which makes payments faster and more convenient. Unlike debit cards, credit and net cards can be made payments through any of the electronic equipments like computer, phone, tablet PC and laptop. The contactless technology ensures that payments are processed at the time of transaction and is safe too.

For many users, it’s more secure to use debit and net cards than the traditional plastic money ones. This is because unlike the usual plastic money, which might be stolen, a contactless card is not stored at any point of sale. And it is a fact that every second where a card is lost, three cards get stolen. Therefore, the user can keep a track of all his transactions through sending them via email or text messages and also make payments by using a special application provided on the site.

The advanced security features of Nets flashpay cards enable the user to keep track of all his transactions. This means that whenever a card is lost or stolen, the site creates an emergency contactless transactions report. You can use it for knowing which card was used and by how much. In addition, once you have reviewed the transaction history, you can mark the card user id and expiration date so that you can make sure no one else use the card.


Nets offers two different types of cards – credit and debit. One type of card has no link with any credit or debit accounts and the other type of card have a debit link with the user’s account. It is recommended to choose the debit card as your user id. And as for credit cards, the customer must apply for one after buying one from the site. This can be done through a form available on their home page. Now, that you know more about Nets FlashPay, go ahead and visit a shopping mall or a leading store and grab one to check out the difference.