A new storm is threatening to hit Bahamas just two weeks after Hurricane Dorian tore through part of the island.  On Friday night, Tropical Depressions Nine strengthened into Tropical Storm Humberto. The storm is currently heading northwest towards Great Abaco Island. This is one of the islands that was badly hit by Hurricane Dorian. Close to 1,300 people are missing while at least 15,000 are in need of food, medical care and shelter in the Bahamas following the hurricane.

Tropical Storm Humberto is set to cause heavy rains and strong winds on the islands with some areas potentially seeing winds speeds of 45 km/h and 15 cm of rain. According to the BBC weather service, Humberto could end up strengthening into another hurricane over the next couple of days. However, this is only likely to happen after it has passed over Bahamas. Officials have already warned the flooding from Tropical Storm Humberto could hinder their rescue and release efforts.

Speaking to reporters, Carl Smith, from the National Emergency Management Agency (Nema) said the storm could hamper the ongoing search for missing people. He also said their efforts to get essential supplied to the worst hit islands- Great Bahama and Great Abaco could also prove difficult. “I hope it does not disrupt it,” he said.  “We have taken precautionary measures to address the potential impact that we may encounter.” At least 50 people died earlier this month when Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamas. However, the death toll is expected to rise as the clean-up operation continues.

When making it to landfall at Elbow Cay on the Abacos on September 1, Tropical Storm Dorian was packing sustained wind speeds of 185 mph. This equaled the highest speed ever recorded for a hurricane at landfall when it struck the Abacos. On Thursday, the United States announced $4m in new humanitarian assistance for the Bahamas. As per reports from the US Agency for International Development,the money would go towards providing food, shelter, medicine and water to the two worst hit islands. This came as good news considering the number of causalities continues to rise each day as the clean-up continues.

As per now, more than 5,000 people have been evacuated from Great Abaco and Great Bahama to New Providence, where the country’s capital Nassau is located. After Hurricane Dorian countries, individuals, charities and organizations came to offer aid and support to the affected.  Among them was the US Agency for International Development and Britain’s Royal Fleet Auxiliary who delivered water and food to those in need.

With Tropical Storm Humberto now threatening to hit Bahamas again, most people have already been evacuated to safer places. The government is also working together with other agencies to make sure everyone is accounted for even while the clean-up process is still ongoing after hurricane Dorian led to damages thus leaving many people homeless.  Planes and helicopters have already been deployed to speed up things before it gets worse.


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