After the Chinese noodles took over the market, heads have turned to the Eastern side country of China to understand more of what they eat. This search has led to a newcomer in the limelight which is known as hot pot

Hotpot’s true origin is actually from East Asia: the Mongolian empire. The Chinese then borrowed it more than 1000 years ago.

So what is hotpot Orchard? It is more of a delicacy in China and most parts of the world too. Hotpot is a combination of many ingredients in a single dish. Diced meats, mushrooms, roasted shrimp, Chinese lettuces, fresh noodles, vegetables, and more—in a single pot, simmering and seasoned. The unique combination and mixing of various ingredients are what makes a hotpot exotic and special.

There are 3 parts to a hotpot

The first one is the broth which is commonly sliced chicken, chili peppers, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, and some noodles. The broth is pretty spicy and chili. Mainly because chili is believed to be a good friend for your health in China. Chilli causes sweating and cleans the body. So chillis are chopped in there. In more premium Sichuan hotels, you get to choose whether you want chili on your broth or not.

The second one is the dipping ingredients. These may be chicken, shrimp, fried fish, meatballs and mushrooms: anything meaty can be dipped in there. The good thing about hotpot is that you get to choose all the ingredients you want. Just make sure you don’t overeat because it’s very possible with the wide array of ingredients to choose from. Finally, we have the sauce, which is a soup made from many ingredients. You can get meat soup such as beef or chicken, vegetable soup, mushroom soup, or a mixture of all if desired. The choice is yours. Some people usually never touch the sauce. They just want to dip the ingredients in the broth until they get enough.

There are more exotic hotspots for enthusiasts. Buffet hotpot has become a thing. Yes, you read that right. Buffet hotpot is popular in premium Sichuan hotels and offers quite a variety to choose from. In the world of exotics, luxury, and taste, the dish turns into an experience rather than just a meal. The premium hotpot offers special and exotic fish varieties such as game life and marine life. The list is also long for vegetarians alike and literally, no one is left out. Prices range from 10$-20$ for the normal and basic Sichuan joints and 35$-50$ in the premium Sichuan hotels. Make sure to visit one Sichuan hotel when you travel to any Eastern Asian country as most of them have really good things to offer and are the best in hotpot cuisines.


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