If you happen to be a fashion enthusiast, then you already about the minimalistic shoe trend that is gaining immense popularity all around the world. For many years now, brands such as Adidas and Common Projects have been leading the pack thanks to their classic and streamlined style. Even though most brands are fond of producing one color option for this aesthetic, KOIO, an Italian brand has followed a different direction. Not only do customers have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from but the brand also makes use of genuine Italian leather in crafting its shoes.

That brings us to our question of today, how does KOIO shoes stack up against leaders on the market? Who is going to win the battle between KOIO vs Common Projects? If acclaimed sneaker reviewers and publications are anything to go with, then KOIO wins the battle. In fact, many people will agree that KOIO produces quality kicks at a pocket-friendly price. And with KOIO shoes now available at almost half the price of Common Projects, they certainly make a pretty major deal.

Aside from having a remarkable reputation in the fashion industry, the brand is also loved by a number of A-list Hollywood celebrities who rock some of its best-selling styles. Checking out their official website, you will notice the likes of Hayley Kiyoko, Seth Rogen, Ryan Seacrest and many more have worn these shoes be it while out and about or on set.

If you are planning to get yourself KOIOs shoes, then you are never going to regret your decision even once. With colors ranging from bold turquoise to classic white, you will certainly find one that suits your taste and preference. Better, there are different styles for both men and women since they have covered everything when it comes to quality footwear. Simply visit your nearest local shoe store or a reputable online shop after which you can make a purchase. It is then that you can join the many people who have fallen in love with KOIO shoes.


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