Merino wool caps will always come in handy whenever you want to cover and warm your head. This wool cap also doubles up as a fashion statement as long as you wear it with the right outfit. But as is the case with any other outfit in your wardrobe, you need to ensure you prioritize proper care and maintenance.

Actually, wool caps need to be handled softly. What this simply means is that you should never subject them to hot water or even strong detergents. That said, today we will take you through what it takes to wash Merino wool caps easily.

Before going any further, you ought to remember that Merino wool has exceptional moisture and odor control. Better, Merino wool caps tend to be light, soft, warm and stylishly designed. To ensure it looks stylish for long, you need to give it a hand wash in cold water, using a mild detergent.

Soak the cap in the detergent of choice for about five minutes. Now swish the cap gently, but avoid twisting or wringing it. Once done, you should squeeze out the excessive water. To pull this off successfully, simply place the cap in a towel and wrap it in. It is then that you should reshape the cap, spread it flat on another towel, and allow it to air dry.

For those who would rather opt for the machine-wash method, be sure to use low temperature water. Furthermore, rely on a mild detergent together with the machine’s short spin cycle. Finally, squeeze out the excess but never wring or twist the cap. Furthermore, you need to line dry the cap to keep it looking its best.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning Merino wool caps is an easy undertaking regardless of the method you opt to count on. Remember, all you need to do is understand the procedure to be followed before you get started. Through this action, you will never have to worry about tampering with the quality of your wool cap. That’s what you need to get a big bang for your bucks.