The Apple watch is already easy to set up and use but changing a few settings can go a long way. For example, those who primarily use their Apple watch for fitness tracking will likely benefit form adjusting their activity goals. That’s what you need to get the most from what this smartwatch offers.

Thereare a lot of settings like this that can be tweaked to make your Apple watch feel more personalized and useful. The good news is you will be able to use these features and settings on any Apple watch model that apple currently sells. Here are ways to get the best out of your Apple watch.

AdjustAll of Your Activity Goals

Apple have added the option to change your goals for the amount of time you stand and exercise. Previously, you could change your move goal. So instead of using the defaults, 30 minutes of exercise and a cumulative 12 standing hours a day, you can change either one to fit your actual daily routine.

This small change will make it possible for you to hit your own targets when you actually start you day not whenApple tells you to. Just open the activity app on your watch, scroll to the bottom and tap change goals. Make your adjustments for all three metrics and start closing those rings.

CustomizeWhich Apps Appears In Your Dock

If you have a lot of apps installed on your Apple watch, it can be difficult to find the right ones when you need them. That’s where the Apple watch dock comes in handy. If you are not familiar, the dock is essentially the iPhone app switcher but for the apple watch.You can change that by tapping the side button which pulls up recently used apps. However, you can also customize the docks to show any apps you want instead of your most recent ones.


There are plenty more Apple watches features that are worth checking out. For more, check out the list of the best apple watch bands and every iPhone setting you should change right now. Use this as the opportune time to examine the different Apple watch straps at your disposal.