If you own a motorcycle, you need some form of ‘financial responsibility’ with you before riding it on public roads. This means you can pay if you cause an accident and cause property damage or injuries. Most bikers satisfy financial responsibility laws by purchasing motorcycle insurance.

Before comparing bike insurance quotes, you ought to be sure about what you’re paying for. Motorcycle insurance is much like car insurance. It even covers damage to your vehicle, other property and injuries. If you own car insurance, you’ll notice similar terms for coverage types, including collision, comprehensive, and liability.

The claim process is also similar to car insurance. In the event that your car is damaged or gets stolen, you notify your insurance company and file a claim. The insurance company then reviews the incident and decides on a payout amount.

When you put together a motorcycle insurance policy, you can choose among several different insurance types to cover a wide range of problems. Among the most notable ones include liability insurance, guest passenger liability, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments coverage, and personal injury protection, to mention a few.

However, motorcycle insurance doesn’t cover damage and injuries resulting from racing, stunting, demolition contests, or riding on a temporary or permanent racetrack, or practice or preparation for these types of contest. The same goes for damage and injuries while using your motorcycle for a fee, such as delivering food or goods, or transporting passengers to pay.

Your motorcycle insurance rates depend on a variety of rating factors that insurance companies review when calculating your costs. Common rating factors include; your location, driving history, riding experience, frequency of use, age, choice of beverages, and motorcycle’s safety features.

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