Are you looking to buy a new insole or orthotic arch support? Well, this is a walk in the park thanks to what online shopping offers. Now more than ever, you can order shoes insoles online and have them delivered to your current location. This saves you from the hassle that comes with visiting a brick-and-mortar store.

As is the case with any other purchase decision, it is in your best interest that you understand what’s expected of you. Luckily, we are here to offer a helping hand. In this post, we have compiled some of the things to consider when looking for the right insole for your needs.

Insole Placement

When purchasing a full-length insole, chances are you might have to remove the existing insole from your shoe before placing your new one. Keep in mind the vast majority of full-length insoles are meant to completely replace the insole you’re currently wearing. To feel comfortable after placing the insole on top of your existing shoe insole, you should consider buying very thin and flat full-length insoles. The good news is that most shoes insoles come with instructions for proper placement.


This is undeniably one of the most important considerations when shopping around for the right shoes insoles. Among the common materials from which insoles are made from include foam, gel, cork, and leather. All these materials come with their pros and cons, and the one you choose is largely based on preference.

However, foam insoles work perfectly for cushioning supper and pressure relief. As for gel insoles, they will come in handy for shock absorption while cork works well for support and slight cushion. Ensure you determine how you plan on using the shoes insoles before placing an order.

The Bottom Line

Many factors come into play when looking for the right insole be it online or offline. From the insole sizing and insole placement to your foot arch type and insole footed type, never skimp on anything while performing a search. Remember, buying the wrong type of shoes insoles will make you uncomfortable when walking around.

If you need help in getting through your feet issues, then you should consider checking out FeetCare. Their shoe insoles are handpicked and tried-and-tested to ensure relief and improvement. Get in touch with them today to find out more before placing an order.


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