With plenty of ETL tools out there, you cannot risk settling on the first one you encounter. Without exercising caution, you risk settling on a tool that is never going to help you with anything. This is a situation you never want to find yourself in especially after investing a lot of money in the ETL tool. But how can you make a well-informed decision when looking for the right ETL tool? Here are some of the factors you need to watch out for during your search.

Data Quality

First things first, you need to look for an ETL tool that ensures data quality. What this simply means is that the rows of data ought to be complete whereas the schema mappings need to be accurate and stable. Things should not stop there since thesyncing and replication process must never break unexpectedly without any warnings.

Keep in mind this is the data you’ll be relying on whenever you want to drive sales, marketing and other business decisions. If people cannot rely on this data, then there is no essence of having it in the right place.

Responsive Support

If there’s something wrong, or it doesn’t look good, then you need to get help within the shortest time possible. This can only happen if you find an ETL tool that has responsive support. Remember, most people in your organization rely on this data to carry out their tasks, and it will occasionally break from time to time. In case this happens, then you need to let the service providers know right away.

The responsiveness of the support team will also come in handy whenever you want to ask questions about the tool itself, setup, or errors. If they cannot guarantee fast response, then the ETL tool is as good as useless. Actually, you need to take this as a red flag and look elsewhere. It is only then that you stand the chance of finding the right ETL tool that is certainly going to help you and your business big time.


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