A kidney stone is a hard deposit that is formed by the hardening of minerals and chemicals contained in your urine. The stones are mainly formed in your kidneys before eventually progressing to the ureter.

If you have ever passed a kidney stone, then you will never wish for it to happen again. When passing a kidney stone, there are a couple of factors that determine the rate at which the stones will pass out. Some of the factors include:


When passing Kidney stones, the size is the most important factor that will determine how long it might take. A normal kidney stone is usually 4 millimeters and can easily pass on its own for close to 31 days. Stones that range between 4-6 millimeters require some sought of treatment for them to be completely passed out. This usually takes about 45 days before they are all removed from your body.

For kidney stones that are more than 6 millimeters it might take long for them to be passed out and hence a person will need medical attention. However, if these stones are passed out naturally, it might take close to one year before the last stone is finally removed.


Location of a kidney stone is another factor that determines how long it will take before it is finally passed out of the body. Stones which are located at the point where your ureter connects to the bladder might take longer unless medical attention is sought. Stones that are located at the end of your ureter, near the point at which it attaches to the bladder take a short time to pass. With these stones, medical attention is not necessarily as they will slowly pass on their own. Regardless of the location of kidney stones, the pain felt is still the same as they all pass through a given pathway.

The Bottom Line

When passing a kidney stone, increasing the amount of water that you take in a day will increase the speed at which all stones are passed out. Instead of taking 8 glasses of water in a day, you should try to have 12 glasses. After all the stones have been passed out, you should continue taking 12 glasses of water in a day as it will help in preventing the stones from reappearing.