In information technology, data storage is one of the most important aspects of running a good system. In our current times, data and information have become modern-day gold. A backup is a copy of the original files and data, which are stored in a different location to allow easy recovery of data after an event that may have caused the loss of the original data. So, a managed backup service is simply a professional backup service provider that offers their infrastructure and database storage to users (who might be individuals or businesses), for a fee. These providers are generally known as MSPs or Manager Service Providers.

This service, which is a backup as a service(BaaS), requires the presence of cloud architecture so that anyone from any part of the world can access it through the internet. Although MSPs are fee-based, most of them are. The most common and easily accessible backup management service is the Google Android Drive Cloud storage. Everyone with a smartphone that uses the Droid software can access the Drive cloud storage. A fee is only paid if you wish to expand your cloud storage limit. So, the only catch is that you have to be a loyal Android user to be able to Drive.

All in all, management backup software has unique and special features that distinguish them from other backup systems. Below are some of the most important aspects and characteristics of a great managed backup service that can ensure optimal performance.

  1. User-friendly UI/UX

After a user has paid their subscription or opted into a managed backup service, the user is the one on the steering wheel of choosing the data they would like to back up. This autonomy requires a user-friendly graphic user interface that is easy to navigate and operate. This is very important because it allows the user to have easy data recovery in the event of a data loss.

  1. Security

In layman’s terms, we only back up important data. There is no real sense in backing up data we don’t need. With this viewpoint, it is easily understandable that a secure system is important in protecting our data.

  1. BACK Up policy

A backup policy is a set of guidelines on how data is handled. From the backup storage, archiving to the restoration of data. This gives users confidence in terms of actually knowing the process entailed in managing their data.

  1. IT support

Due to the nature of man-made creations, they tend to break down. Especially software and programs. Due to this fact, a present and competent customer support team are very important to handle any user case because backed up data is really important.

Management backup services are really important especially to companies and businesses with a large flow of data that needs archiving. Opting for paid memberships is a good idea for them, but for individuals, free and ready MSPs are always available if needed.


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