NFL daily fantasy contests are increasing in popularity as more and more people understand what fantasy football entails. However, the contests that you are set to take part in depend with the fantasy football site you choose to work with. To make sure you get as many contests as possible, you will have to look for the best daily fantasy football sites. With the wide range of options, you are set to find the best one without going through a lot. In this article, we are going to examine some of the daily fantasy NFL contests that you can partake in.

  • Head-to-Head

One of the most popular NFL daily fantasy contest that you can consider taking part in is the famous head-to-head.  With this contest, two players are pitted against one another. The winner of a head-to-head contest is then given the entire prize pool. In order to emerge victorious, you will need to rely on expert advice while at the same time keeping pace with what is transpiring in the rear world. Fortunately, you can now get daily fantasy football advice thanks to the numerous websites at our disposal. Among the most popular sites, that you can consider relying upon when in need of expert advice is Fantasy Football Consultants.

  • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs)

Guaranteed Prize Pools are offered by sites with a maximum number of entries. This can at times be in millions depending on the number of players who own a fantasy football team.  However, only large sites attract a high number of fantasy football managers. The good news is that Guaranteed Prize Pools contests will always run regardless of whether they fill up or not.

  • “Cash Games”

Cash Games are not that popular as Guaranteed Prize Pools NFL daily fantasy contest because they are much smaller and are not guaranteed to run.  However, they are still worth trying out considering they are fun just like any other NFL daily fantasy contest. To make it even better, you can decide to join an existing contest or create your own depending on what you find appealing.

  • 50/50

Finally yet importantly is the famous 50/50 NFL daily fantasy contest. With this type of contest, the top half of the field nearly doubles the money they invested. On the other hand, the other half of the field will receive nothing regardless of the amount of money invested. You must therefore try your level best in order to be ranked among the top half players. This will mean being consistent with your performance by getting the most out of daily fantasy football advice.


Daily NFL fantasy football sites are worth trying out considering they impact positively in your life. However, you need to look for the best daily fantasy football sites if you are to stand a chance of taking part in all the NFL daily fantasy contests. This action will ensure you get to enjoy fantasy football.


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