Paul Heule

It is without a doubt that no real estate investor would want to see the value of their property depreciating because of a bad property management company. That is why you should always part ways with bad property managers as soon as you realize they are not helping you with anything. However, the problem sets in when it comes to differentiating a good property management company like Eenhoorn from a bad one. To offer a helping hand, here are some of the most common signs that you may actually need a new property management company.

Lack of Communication

At times, you may be the only one reaching out to your property manager in order to get things done. When this is the case, then you should make the decision of hiring a reputable property management company before things get out of hand. Keep in mind your property manager should be the one getting in touch with you, not vice versa. Shun away from relying on property managers that never keep you informed with the current happenings since they might be hiding something from you. Actually, such property managers can never last long in the industry as is the case with Paul Heule, the CEO of Eenhoorn LLC.


Failing to Carry Out Property Inspections

It is mandatory to carry out routine inspections of your property (both inside and out) if it is to stay in good shape. This does not mean the property manager should only drive by the property every now and then. Most property managers who do this can never figure out potential code violations or damage done. So, be sure to look for a new property manager if the current one does not provide an annual property inspection report.

Failing to Provide Monthly Reports

We can never conclude without mentioning the fact that a good property manager should send you monthly reports. Actually, it must never take more than a day for the property manager to provide the report after requesting for it. If your property manager is giving you reasons for not honoring your request, it is a clear sign that it is time to get a new one. This is something you should never have to worry about after hiring Eenhoorn since Paulus Heule does not tolerate incompetent employees who cannot give their all to the company.


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