Amazon Game Studios has peacefully laid off dozens of workers on the last day of E3, one of the biggest e-console conventions in the world, as stated to media agency Kotaku. The company has informed the concerned employees they have as little as two months to find new positions within the organisation. If they are not able to do so within the stipulated time, they’ll have to resign from the company with (thankfully) a separation package included. Also, the studio has eliminated some of the electronic games it has yet to proclaim.

While it sounds like the studio is in grave disputes, it’s not closing its doors down. Those expecting the New World and Crucible have breathed a sigh of relief. Amazon revealed that the plans are still under consideration and once confirmed, the project implementation would begin. While the spokesperson didn’t disclose how many workers were let go, they approved the rumour and disclosed to the newspaper that the layoffs were part of a restructuring to provide priority to the progress of those two titles, as well as of freshly unannounced schemes.

Amazon Game Studios first announced its venture into PC games in 2014 and unveiled its first three titles a little later. Apart from the mentioned New World and Crucible, the organisation also operated on a multiplayer fighting game named Breakaway. Unfortunately, the workshop cancelled the title after a testing period, as the crew working on it didn’t break the barriers and progress in a way that made the game reach the status of what all hoped it could be.


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