The special men’s leather bags from Shinola are specially designed to get all your items packed without showing any bulginess. The all new convertible leather bags from Shinola are just made to make your long travels easier and more convenient. The bag can serve you with 3 in 1 features giving you the best travel experience you would ever have. Also, you will be provided with a duffle that enhances the show of the bags and provides you a clean and moderate appearance.

The bag also comes with a feature to carry two hangers at a time. To get the benefit of two-in-one, you just need to wrap the garment bag around the duffle.

What features will you get with the Shinola leather bags?

First of all, you should be assured of quality and durability if you are shopping with a trusted company like Shinola. Buying a product from Shinola opens a number of features for you. Out of all, we have just mentioned a few of the most important and profitable benefits you will be getting from the company.

  • The trust of Shinola

With every leather bag, you will be opting for the trust of Shinola. Shinola delivers you a product only if its team finds it good for you. Each and every leather bag delivered to you by Shinola comes with a mark of quality assured from the Shinola team.

  • Made with premium leather

The convertible men’s leather bags delivered to you by Shinola are made of high quality leather specially imported from Italy. The Vachetta leather imported from Italy comes among the best quality leathers in the market. Also, the major feature of the leather is that it does not lose its shine and contrast even after hundreds of washes and uses.

You should also know that Vachetta leather made in Italy is prepared through the tanning process of vegetables.

  • On-road and off-road uses

The convertible men’s leather bags can be used both for on-road and off-road purposes. The bags come with a removable shoulder strap paired with strong leather handles that allows you to carry the bag in the way you want.


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