If you are a mountain climber and you always dream to conquer the Mount Everest then this news is for you. There are lots of hikers that try to conquer the world’s highest peak and for that they use to pick the route from Nepal. The Mount Everest is 29,035 feet high and is over 60 million years old. Researchers said, it is formed by the movement of Indian tectonic plate against the Asian plate. Being one of the most amazing mystery land, there are climbers, who always dream to reach at the peak of the Mount Everest.

There are many climbers who attempts the submit every year and hence there are many scrap has been collected at the peak. So far 10,000 kilograms of garbage has been collected from the mountainous region. In order to keep Mount Everest clean and to prevent dirt, Nepal has organized a one-month cleaning campaign. According to News Agency, it is said that the government and non-governmental agencies jointly mobilized the Sherpa team with base camps and four high camps, in which the waste was collected not only from the roof of the world, but also the dead bodies too. Rather than throwing these solid residues in the landfill site (the place of wastewater) located near Kathmandu, they were separated for the raw materials for different products.

After this, they were processed and recycled. News Agency quoted the new development head of Blue West to Value, “We first segregated the materials into different categories, such as plastic, glass, iron, aluminum and fabric.” Were recycled, while eight tones of remaining cannot be recycled due to the upper body and mud cover.” Since 2017 more than 50 people are connected to the Kathmandu-based Blue West to Value, a social enterprise that works to make utility items from waste. In addition to recycling the waste from the mountains, team is also working with municipalities, hospitals, hotels and various offices.

To make maximum use of wastes and to reduce the amount of waste sent in landfills and to create green employment. In order to make the Everest Cleanliness campaign more effective, the company has suggested to the authorities to set up the initial processing unit in the mountainous area. So that these waste can be separated from the earliest and arranged properly. Although this company does not recycle these materials itself, rather another firm named Mo ware Design helps them in this work, so that they can sell recycled glass products and sell them online.

This cleanliness campaign can really help the climbers, by providing them the real environment friendly atmosphere. The team is working fine and hard in order to collect the maximum waste and to make the proper use of it. Keeping environment clean has become the most demanding need of time and hence cleaning the Mount Everest is one of the greatest step today. With this cleaning campaign, probably a day will come, when we will hear a news about the Mount Everest, that it is a clean place now.


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