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It is with no denying that Sintra is just as wonderful as you hear it is. From the numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites to the streets that are as vibrant as the personalities, you are definitely set to enjoy your stay. Despite this, you will still come across some individuals who dread a Sintra tour. Well, this is exactly what you are going to encounter if you do not prepare fully for your vacation. Here are some of the most common tourist mistakes you should avoid on your first trip to Sintra.

Rushing Through Sintra

One of the biggest mistakes tourists make is rushing through Sintra without catching a glimpse of what it has to offer. Even though we do not all have unlimited vacation time and flights may be expensive, you should still set aside ample time to explore Sintra. Keep in mind Sintra is a vibrant town, and even though it appears small, it is both dense in history and physical form. So, spend at least a week in Sintra and check out what nature has to offer without rushing over anything.

Not Exploring with a Local

Sintra is one of those places that seem to have a lot of hidden secrets and things you cannot learn from a book. That is why you should always hire a Sintra private tour guide to get you through the area on the very first day you arrive. Actually, this is one of the perfect ways in which you can introduce yourself to the town. If you are not running on a low budget, you should never shy away from trying private tour options, which can also be customized in line with your interests.

Failing to Bring Along Shoes with Grip

Even though comfortable shoes are mandatory when going on a vacation, you can never have so much trouble walking than in Sintra. The steep hills together with worn down cobblestones mean you not only need comfortable shoes but also those with a great grip.  After all, you do not want to end up flying down the hill. Never forget to pack shoes with good grip as it is the only way you can move around Sintra. It is only then that you will enjoy your entire vacation in Sintra.

The Bottom Line

Mistakes are set to happen regardless of whether you are visiting Sintra, Lisbon or any other part of the world.  You should therefore learn from the mistakes made by other people if you are to avoid suffering the same fate. To offer a helping hand, you can consider opting for Sintra tour by Thanks to Tribo Tours, you will get good value for your money after touring Sintra. For those who doubt this, then you can simply visit their official website today and find out more regarding what they have to offer. High chances are you will immediately fall in love with their services.