Bearded Dragon Care

If you are in dire need of a reptile that can work perfectly as a pet, then you should look no further than then bearded dragon. Even though they are natives to Australia, bearded dragons are kept as pets in different parts of the world. This may not come as a surprise considering they are not only cute but also friendly. For those who are planning to have bearded dragons as pets then you must learn how to take good care of them.  In this article, we are going to cover some of the basics you should know regarding bearded dragon care.

They Are Friendly

As is the case with most pets out there, beardies tend to be very friendly and respond to the voices of their owners. They work perfectly for people who want a reptile that likes to be held or even taken out of their cage. What is even more fascinating is the fact that they are easy to handle and can move from hand to hand as long as you support their wide flat bodies from underneath. Actually, you children can even handle bearded dragons but you need to supervise them.

Short Life Span

A bearded dragon lifespan is not that long with most staying alive for close to between five and eight years. However, some reports seem to suggest that your bearded dragon can live up to 12-13 years when properly cared for. Be sure to live with your beardie pet for a number of years to come thus serving as the perfect companion. You should however take good care of your beardie friend by putting in place the right measures. Fortunately, this is something that should never give you sleepless nights since a site such as Topflightdubia can always prove beneficial.

In Conclusion

With your full-grown bearded dragon, you can forget the stress that life brings at times. Simply spend some time playing with your beardie friend and change your life for the better. If you happen to know nothing regarding bearded dragons, simply pay a visit to Here, you will come across every piece of information you need pertaining to your new reptile friend. Whether you want to know more about their behavior or average size and lifespan, then you can get this information hassle-free without necessarily having to move an inch.


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