The process of recruiting new employees is a fairly common one, although it tends to vary from one organization to another. It is mandatory for you to give your workers all the tools needed to maximize their productivity levels while at the same time boosting confidence levels. Unfortunately, quite a number of companies start their employee recruiting training program perfectly only to end up losing track on the way. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, here are 3 activities to include in your new employee training program.

  • Share the Company Culture

Company culture is unique in every organization and getting to know your way of working and how things take place is vital to new starters. From the office practices, design, polices and values, you culture is what gives new employees a sense of belonging keeping in mind culture is something that cannot be taught rather embedded in the organization. Focus on connecting with new starters perfectly if you are to enjoy employee benefits. By including your company’s values into the recruiting program, your new employees are definitely going to immerse themselves in your culture.

  • Always Ask For Feedback

To reap the benefits of new employees on your payroll, you should consider asking them what they want to see in your recruiting program. The induction process must not only focus on what your company expects from the new recruits but also their expectations of the role and what they need to succeed within the organization. Ask them what they enjoy most and the improvements they are looking forward to. Remember, achieving business success is two way traffic and the both of you need to work together. After all, you do not want to encounter issues when it comes to customer service.

  • Multi-Device Learning is Crucial

How you deliver programs is just as important as the activities you include for performance management. You should therefore not limit your recruiting program to one device. We are living in a world that is digitally connected and hence your learning platforms must support this at all times. If your employees are able to self-direct their learning, then they are definitely going to be far more engaged. To make it even better, they will be more productive considering it is easy to access all the learning platforms at their time of need.

The Bottom Line

These are just but some of the activities you need to include in your new employee recruiting training program. Whatever option you choose to go with, your recruiting program must have a clear sense of direction and structure that focuses on achieving long term goals of your employees. Make use of feedback in improving your training while at the same time determining what your employees need to succeed. Hiring a new workforce is not something you can pull off overnight and hence you need to put in place the right measures and tools in order to get what you are looking for.


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